Unearth the Benefits of Prenatal Pregnancy

People often say pregnancy is not just an experience of 9 months, but it’s a feeling that lasts forever. Because the unconditional love that harbors in a mother’s heart for her child only grows with each passing day!

However, the initial phase of pregnancy can be overwhelming. With pregnancy, comes a lot of hormonal changes, and to deal with them one should focus on a calm and healthy mind. It’s a proven fact that yoga can do wonders.

Yoga not just improves flexibility and strength but also helps in getting rid of stress, anxiety, and body aches.

More on prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is an integral part of prenatal care. It is a powerful way to help prepare a woman for her upcoming venture as a mother. It offers undeniable benefits to both, mother and her child.

For a fact, yoga and exercise have some exceptional benefits including improved sleep, body strength, and flexibility. It channelizes blood flow and releases the feel-good hormones also known as Dopamine which helps us calm our mind and body.

During pregnancy, a woman faces a lot of stressful situations and anxiety issues that can affect her mind and mental health, sometimes her baby’s mind too. Researchers have suggested that “prenatal yoga is safe and offers various benefits to pregnant women and their babies”.

Let’s discuss some major benefits of regular yoga during pregnancy and childbirth:

Enables body and mind fit for delivery

Yoga improves strength and flexibility. It gives elasticity and increases stamina that ultimately helps during labor. By strengthening the muscles, the body ensures that it is ready to handle the delivery traumas.

Pregnancy, no doubt, is a very transformative experience. In these tough times, yoga helps the mind stay calm and clear and enables the body to enjoy every moment.

Reduces risks of intrauterine growth restriction

Intrauterine growth restriction is a condition in which the growth of the child slows down or stops during pregnancy.

There are multiple possibilities that can cause this condition are alcohol consumption, smoking, high blood pressure, etc.

Remaining focused and committed to a regular yoga practice during pregnancy aid towards a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, appropriate rest, quitting smoking, and zero alcohol consumption can improve this condition.

Mitigates the chance of Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a small passage through which blood vessels and nerves run. These nerves control the movement of the hands and fingers. During pregnancy, the fluid accumulates in the body which often causes swelling of hands and feet.

Here, Yoga plays an important role. It helps in stretching muscles which provides relief in the carpal tunnel. It also enables joints to become more flexible and strong.

Reduces Premature labor

Preterm labor is a condition in which the body starts getting ready for early birth during pregnancy. This can affect not just the kid but also the mother.

The longer the baby gets to grow inside the womb; the lesser the complications will be. Smoking or drinking habits, being overweight or underweight, or having high blood pressure can increase the risks of Preterm labor.

Yoga plays a vital role in reducing stress. Breathing exercises, posture positions, and meditation can help lowering preterm labor risks.

Lessens Nausea

Nausea and vomiting are common issues during pregnancy. Whereas, some studies do suggest that nausea and vomiting during the first trimester lower the risks of miscarriage. However, it is hard to focus on anything else while facing such challenges as nausea and morning sickness.

Practicing prenatal yoga helps in enhancing blood circulation. Improved blood circulation energizes and rejuvenates the whole system and detoxifies the body. Hence, resulting in reduced nausea and provides relief.

Improves Sleep

With excitement often comes responsibility!

Especially, when the arrival day is near parents-to-be often find themselves in dilemmas, whether to focus on finding hospitals or Shopping or planning the baby shower and whatnot. It can quickly get to the nerves, which is not at all acceptable during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the mother has to take care of two souls at a time. So, relaxing and taking proper sleep is crucial. It improves sleep and reduces stress levels. In fact, giving 15 minutes to the mat can release the stress even after a hectic schedule.

Provides strength, endurance, and relieve aches & pains

A lot of throbbing pain and aches that accompany pregnancy are caused by extending muscles and ligaments that are moving to make space for the developing infant. It can cause severe back pain and body aches.

Yoga helps strengthen these areas and helps in decreasing lower back pains, nausea, headaches, and breathlessness. And hence, provides endurance and stretch which will fight against labor.


Prenatal yoga is safe and can benefit pregnant women and their babies. So, if you are someone who fears the entire practice, time debunk it. Please bear in mind that, prenatal asanas and pranayama are designed for the well-being of mothers and babies. With the right guidance and practice, you can tune into your body, slow down, relax, and learn to be more mindful.

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