"Nesting a tiny life in your body is overwhelming. So, making an informed decision is the best you can do."

Our Story

Mothering Mothers" is the 3rd child I have given birth to that too from my heart.

My journey with pregnancy and motherhood ties into my own experiences. After a traumatic experience with a C-section during my first child's birth, the idea of natural birth during my second pregnancy came into my mind. That idea turned into a life calling and got the shape of Mothering mothers.

Our mission at Mothering Mothers is to empower, educate, and prepare expecting mothers for the challenging yet beautiful journey ahead. We aim to provide the correct information, guidance, and the most needed support during pregnancy and early parenthood.

As a childbirth educator, the purpose is to help pregnant women and their partners be equipped with strategies to let go of fears for a safe and healthy childbirth experience.

Furthermore, I live for gender equality, and my entire belief system of feminism thrives on this notion. In my opinion, feminism bases its roots on giving women the right to make choices for themselves. I want to help pregnant women by giving them relevant and resourceful assistance in comfortable and confident decision making about their childbirth process.

My primary goal is to help a mother to fully prepare herself for childbirth and after-care.

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